Lettering Styles

While traditional lettering and carving is included in the cost of the front of the memorial, there are other lettering options for an additional fee. These are some of those options for all of our Flat, Bevel, Slant, and Upright memorial designs.

Frosted Outline Lettering

The outline of the letters is first etched deeply then the interior of the letters is skin cut, creating maximum contrast.

Frosted Lettering Example In Grey Granite
Frosted Lettering Style In Red Granite

Polished Outline Lettering

Similar to frosted outline, the outline is deep cut, then the panel is skin cut leaving the letters polished to show the stone’s natural pattern.

Polished Outline Lettering Style In Grey Granite

Polished Raised Lettering Lettering

Everything but the letter is deeply cut into the stone so the letters on the memorial are three dimensional.
Polished Raised Lettering Style In Grey Granite
Polished Raised Lettering Style in Red Granite

Shaped Carvings

Shape carving is a technique that is generally used for flowers. The outline of the design is shaped to look three dimensional.
Shaped Carving Example in Grey Granite
Shaped Carving Example in Red Granite